Synology DS1621xs+ – Part 3, SSD Read/Write Cache Acceleration

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Following on from part two of this blog series, where we created a new RAID 10 volume on the NAS and deployed a Windows 10 virtual machine running on Synology Virtual Machine Manager, I wanted to see what kind of performance gain we could see by adding some SSD Read/Write cache to the storage volume.


We need a baseline to work from, I chose to use Crystal Disk Mark to benchmark the performance. Now I know many people will say this isn’t the best tool out there, and you are probably right but as a quick comparison tool, it is good enough for the purposes we are using it for here.

These are the results from running Crystal Disk Mark without any SSD Cache. There are six SATA drives running in RAID 10. I increased the test file size to 8GB to avoid any caching to the 4GB of memory available to the virtual machine. The results are still pretty good but we need to remember this is all contained within the NAS. There is no

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