This Week! Cloud Field Day 8

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I have been in the Information Technology field for about 20 years at this point but there was a very distinct inflection point in 2013 when the social side of my career began. In a very quick series of events (at the same time actually) I attended my first technical conference (CiscoLive US), setup my twitter account, and met many of the people I now consider the thought leaders I turn to when it comes to deciding what new technologies are coming to be and how important they are going to be to me and my organization’s needs.

At this same time I was also introduced to Tech Field Day and it’s founder Stephen Foskett and I was pretty much instantly in awe of what they were all about; selecting panels of delegates, flying them to a common city where a number of companies would present either themselves as a company or their newest products over the course of a couple of days, all of which was then recorded and put on their YouTube channel. I as a member of the tech twitterati could tweet at delegates and often get questions answered, it was amazing to me then! I honestly

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