Upcoming Changes to Microsoft Graph API For Teams Chat Backup

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Microsoft has recently created documentation about changes coming to the Microsoft Graph API relating to Teams chat. In short the current method of backing up Teams chat will be decommissioned and it will be replaced by what is called the Teams Export API. This API will have fees associated with its use and those fees will be assessed directly by Microsoft against the M365 account in a burst method. 

In response to that Veeam has released guidance as to how this will be handled with their Veeam Backup for Microsoft365 product on which our Secure Backup for Microsoft365 product is based. This will take effect on the Veeam side from version 6a forward. It is anticipated that 6a will be released July/August 2022 time frame. It is unknown at this time when iland will be installing this to our VB365 environments.

While I’m writing this post with Veeam Backup for Microsoft365 in mind because they’ve released KB 4322, it’s important to note that this isn’t just a problem for Veeam, any vendor doing chat level backup for M365 is going to be running into this.


Microsoft has outlined a number of models in their document for how costs will be

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