Update URL and change SSL certificate for Office Online Server

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A company I was working with had a requirement to change the top-level domain of all of their public-facing presence from company.co.uk to company.com. This meant their website, Exchange e-mail and a few other bits. One of the services in the mix is an Office Online Server hooked into Exchange 2016. This is a single Office Online Server farm hooked into a single Exchange 2016 server. The following article will show you how I updated the Office Online Server URL and SSL certificate.

The Nitty Gritty

The existing OOS server was published both internally and externally on the same DNS name with oos.company.co.uk. I verified the existing configuration by running the following PowerShell command on the OOS server.


This showed the oos.company.co.uk details that were currently configured.

The first step is to import a new certificate for use with the new URL.


As you can see above I have a dedicated certificate for the now-defunct .co.uk domain and a wildcard certificate for the .com domain. Make sure you set a friendly name as this is used when assigning a certificate

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