Using iland object storage for Veeam capacity tier

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If you have been in the IT game long enough, you have likely heard of object storage. Amazon S3 seems to be the gold standard as far as storage object storage protocols go as many 3rd party object storage vendors claim to be S3 compliant. All the large hyperscalers have an offering, Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage are the offerings from the big 3. So what is Object Storage? Well like you, I can grab the Wikipedia article which states that it is a system that allows storing massive quantities of unstructured data. All data is placed as an object (hence the name) and is typically accompanied by some metadata which is effectively a pointer and a description of what the underlying data in the object is.

So, why would you not just consume object storage from one of the aforementioned hyperscalers? Cost is a big part of that question. If you check out this guide from Amazon regarding object storage action types, there are quite a few. Each action performed typical incurs a small cost to operate. When writing and retrieving lots of data, those costs can quickly stack up.

Now with an object storage provider

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