Using iland object storage for Veeam NAS Archive Tier

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Following on from my previous blog post, using iland object storage for Veeam capacity tier, where I covered what object storage is and gave a primer into what iland object storage I take a look at how object storage can be leveraged as an archive target for Veeam NAS Backup. This blog is written when Veeam V11a is the current version, functionality may change in the future.

Veeam NAS backup works a little differently from how virtual machine backup works. One of the job types that does not exist in the traditional sense is a Backup Copy job. With a virtual machine backup copy job, you can do just that, create another copy of a backup in another location, including offsite at a Veeam service provider like iland. With Veeam NAS backup we have the concept of a secondary repository location and an archive repository location. If you check out this article from Veeam, we can see that a Veeam Cloud Connect repository is not supported at all, and object storage is supported as an archive repository. This makes getting NAS backup data offsite using one of those aforementioned services rather difficult.

How does the NAS archive tier work?

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