V12 Preview: Appropriate Direct to Object Storage Use Cases

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I’ve just completed watching the Veeam v12 Data Platform Launch Event keynote and one theme I feel is getting a lot of chatter is the new “Direct to object storage” capabilities of the release. What this means is that as I create backups of my production data the first copy that is made is written to object storage. I’ve written quite a bit about v12 and object storage before, both in how to setup and consume it in the performance tier of Scale Out Backup Repositories as well as comparing copy mode object storage and Veeam Cloud Connect Backup, but this is not that. Direct to object storage is the idea that you write your first backup copy of production data to object storage, rather than as a secondary copy.

Anton Gostev himself highlighted this as a favorite feature and outlined that there are limited uses cases where it should be used. As a long time Veeam administrator and of late an architect of their largest Service Provider partner I have some thoughts into what those use cases should and should not be that I’d like to share.

The Do’s On Premises Backup Repository

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