VB365 and Microsoft Teams Graph Export API: The Saga Continues

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I feel like I could write, produce, direct and star in a saga based in a galaxy far, far away with the amount of time I have spent talking about the combination of Microsoft365, backup applications that support it such as Veeam Backup for Microsoft365, and the recent Microsoft Teams Graph Export API. Yet here I am again because Microsoft has decided to change course with how this capability will be handled without telling anyone.

Recently I started to hear of support cases where users were doing the needful by filling out Microsoft’s form and then after the prescribed 5-7 business days attempting to enable support for Teams Chat backup available in VB365 versions 6a and 7 only to be presented with the error “To call this API the app must be associated with an Azure subscription, see https://aka.ms/teams-api-payment-requirements for details.

For those who have been dealing with the Teams Graph Export metered API it’s a telltale sign that for whatever reason the Azure subscription ID associated with the organization modern application used to do backups was not available. Upon

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