VB365 v7: SaaSy Immutability

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In the past few years Immutability, the concept of making data unable to be deleted or modified, has been a core tenant of disaster recovery design and has driven the rise of Object Storage for backup purposes. To this point in the Veeam ecosphere immutability has been contained to traditional Infrastructure backups, virtual machines, and cloud native instances, but there has been a great appetite for this capability to apply to SaaS backups as well.

With the upcoming v7 release of Veeam’s Backup for Microsoft365 (VB365) the product now has a method of allowing true, verifiable immutability or object-lock on backup sets. In their interpretation of how to make this capability happen Veeam has incorporated a long known best practice for all things backup, adhering to the 3-2-1 backup methodology where there are 2 copies of the backup. This happens because immutability can only occur on the secondary copy of the backup set, leaving the primary set on unlocked, performant object storage to ensure that recovery operations are capabilities in a optimized manner.

So What’s Changed?

Starting with VB365 v6 support for backup copies have been available but only in very limited situations. First the backups must land in

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