VBR v10: A Few of My Favorite Things Part 2

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If you have been around the Veeam world for very long, you know they don’t do small releases; each new version comes with literally hundreds of enhancements and bug fixes. While my last post covers many of the headliners there is still a lot of great things left to see. In this post, I’m going to discuss some of the “little things” that aren’t so little that are going to make this a great release.

Object Storage

One of the long asked for features of Veeam was greater ability to leverage public cloud capabilities for backups and data management in general. In 9.5 update 4, we got the ability to offload local storage to object as a way of extending on-prem resources through dehydrating local backup copies to S3, Azure Blob and the like. In v10 we now have what they call Copy mode which is the next step in the evolution. With Copy mode you will create a Scale Out Backup Repository containing any number of on-premises repository extents and a cloud storage provider, referred to as

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