Veeam Agent for Mac – Cloud Connect integration

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Following on from my previous blog post, getting started with Veeam agent for Mac, one of the items I wanted to explore further was the direct integration with Veeam Cloud Connect. For those of you reading this and wondering what Veeam Cloud Connect is, it’s the Veeam Backup and Replication services run by service providers that allow for things like an off-site backup (BaaS) or off-site replication (DRaaS) of physical or virtual workloads.

One of the main benefits of utilising a Veeam Cloud Connect partner is that the backup or replication data that is sent off-site, is not connected to the primary network where the production resource resides. Why is this important? Let’s assume that for some reason the primary workload domain is compromised or otherwise inaccessible. If the backups are also part of that primary workload domain then what do you have to recover from?

Let’s visualise that for a moment.


With the primary workload domain dead, then the backups are as good as dead too. This is a massive oversimplification but it demonstrates the point.

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