Veeam v12: MFA All The Things (part 1)

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In the time of ransomware and and cybersecurity attacks being in the news almost daily things like our disaster recovery applications have to start taking those protections very seriously. Often the easiest rung to reach in terms of good application security is having Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) required for logins. For most MFA is old hat but for those unfamiliar modern MFA can take various forms including:

SMS One Time Passcode (OTP): codes that are pushed from the website to you via SMS text messages. Better than nothing but easily spoofable. OTP Apps: apps such as Google Authenticator, Authy or 1password that provide the codes based on scanning a QR code typically to setup then using your mobile device to generate the code Push MFA: apps such as Duo or Gmail that when you authenticate it triggers a push notification to a particular instance of a mobile app that is also authenticated

With Veeam’s upcoming v12 release of Veeam Backup and Replication they are now supporting OTP App MFA in their console application. This takes a little bit of setup and in my particular case is a little quirky to setup but it does definitely work. Let’s walk

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