VMware Cloud Foundation, Will it run on Oracle Ravello? Part 2: Deploying ancillary services

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Before we begin

If you have not checked out Part 1 of this series, please click here to see what this project is about.

Ancillary services?

These are the components that are required to make VMware Cloud Foundation work but are not going to be managed by the Software Defined Datacentre Manager. For this project, they include a Domain Controller, a jump box and a stand-alone ESXi 6.7 host.

In Ravello this will look a little something like this.

As I work through this blog post series, you will see each of the areas above fill up with the various workload types.

ESXi host deployment

I am not going to re-invent the wheel. I covered this process in step 1 in my blog post detailing how to run a VCSA appliance on a bare metal Ravello instance. Check it out here.

Domain controller deployment

Nothing too special here. I deployed Windows Server 2016 VM on a Ravello Bare Metal instance. I did use the following script though to automate domain controller deployment. Script courtesy of this blog post by John Dougherty and slightly tweaked by me.

This will deploy ADDS, set time source, create basic OU structure, create a

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