VMware Cloud Foundation, Will it run on Oracle Ravello? Part 4: Deploying management cluster software

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Before we begin

If you have not checked out what this series is about then please take a look at the previous parts below.

Part 1: Planning

Part 2: Ancillary Services

Part 3: Management Cluster “Hardware”

Management Cluster Software Management cluster ESXi host install

If you made it this far, I am going to assume you have followed the steps in the previous 3 parts to this series. The first thing we need to do is power on the ESXi hosts and install ESXi.


I won’t run through the ESXi install, it is very straightforward. Just complete it and then eject the ISO from the host before rebooting.


Management cluster network assignment

Ensure that the A and reverse PTR records have been created in DNS on the ADDS server (VCFDC01)


In Part 3 of the blog series, I defined the VLAN

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