VMware Cloud Foundation, Will it run on Oracle Ravello? Part 5: Deploying SDDC manager

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Before we begin

If you have not checked out what this series is about then please take a look at the previous parts below.

Part 1: Planning

Part 2: Ancillary Services

Part 3: Management Cluster “Hardware”

Part 4: Management Cluster Software

Software Defined DataCentre Manager deployment

The aim of this part of the blog series is to configure the SDDC management cluster and get vSAN running on there for storage. The VMware Cloud Foundation deployment virtual machine will allow us to do this.

Before you go any further, make sure you grab a copy of the VMware Cloud Foundation deployment OVA from here. It’s about 9GB.

I would also recommend making a blueprint of your environment at this point. If the process goes wrong (like mine did) you have an easy way to get back to this point.

The stand-alone ESXi host that was deployed in part 2 of this blog series will host the deployment VM.


Import the OVA and power it on, you should end up with something like this. Note the access URL.

Note. When defining network settings,

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