What I Learned About Taking Time Off

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I recently took a week of vacation time away from my job; despite the situation that the world is currently in (i.e. pandemic) and the fact that I couldn’t really go anywhere, it was an extremely relaxing and satisfying time off. It was somewhat labour intensive at times (I built a deck, stained and put together some chairs, built some shelving, etc.), but it was a mental break for me.

I learned a few things during this time too. I’m not sure it is so much self-reflection as much as things that I found I could alter in my day to day life to make things less stressful. I wanted to share these in the event that it could help others.


Going into this, I was pretty high-strung and I was very much looking forward to the time off. I hadn’t actually taken any time off since October of last year. I had a few days off (e.g. statutory holidays), but nothing more than a 3 day weekend or so. Additionally, my workload has been far heavier during the pandemic, which has led to many late night / early morning customer engagements, as well as

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