What is your data protection strategy?

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I have noticed over the last 12 months or so that ransomware attacks are becoming even more sophisticated in what their attack vector is. The nasty ones will delete common backups files, like Veeam backups, before proceeding to encrypt all other files. This begs the questions, is it enough to have one data protection vendor in play these days or should you be looking at data protection in-depth strategy? You may have heard about Defense in Depth strategy to protect against threats from the perimeter of your network, all the way to the core where the data lives. But all it takes is one user, with too many privileges to click on that link in a bogus e-mail and BAM, there is ransomware in the network.

I must caveat that this article is my thoughts only, do not treat is as a best practice guide. Every environment and situation is different. The principles outlined below though can go along way to ensuring you have a data recovery plan should the worst happen.

Data Protection in Depth

When I was thinking about this, it doesn’t really differ from a defense in depth strategy. It relies on multiple layers to help

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